Scaphoid fracture
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Hello, my name is Jaycen . Welcome to my site!

On this site, I tried to collect the information that may be of interest to you. There is our team's research, review of the scaphoid literature, and my scaphoid fracture.

  • It has caused quite a bit of amusement at my workplace to hear that after five years of research into the diagnosis of scaphoid fractures, that I would have a bike accident and fracture my scaphoid.

Apparently this will improve my empathy with patients, and that is always a good thing for patients.

This site also contains links to my favorite sites. This includes a number of free open access medical resoources.

I apologise for those people who dislike cross promotion, however i think these are worth checking out

EMCORE conference and website. Peter Kas and his team are highly motiviated to provide education in Emergency Medicine is my organisation's FOAM website for medical students and doctors

Adult Emergency Medicine at a Glance - Authors Tom Hughes and Jaycen Cruickshank is an excellent small textbook

All in all, we are not aiming to cover everything, there is plenty of information out there, too much in many cases, but these websites are very good at providing a short summary and a reasonable level of support for those people doing ED terms and rotations, with self directed learning with some structure to back it up.

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